Corruption Cards
Activation 1

Cloud of FliesCrisis of FaithEmaciationHaemorrhaging Cysts Halls of Terra IconHideous AppearanceIrrational FearOvergrown Body PartRapid RegenerationStuporThe Rot

Activation 2

Acid ExcretionBlood RageCowardiceDimensional InstabilityMultiple ArmsSlave to DarknessSuperior Intellect

Activation 3

Atrophied Soul Halls of Terra IconIron Hard SkinLanguishing Mind Halls of Terra IconLimb LossMagic ResistantSlave to DarknessThe Lost and the DamnedUnnatural VigourWaning Strength Halls of Terra IconWeakened Body

Activation 4

Beweaponed ExtremitiesHunchbackSlave to Darkness

Activation 5

InvisibilityMutantous Growth Halls of Terra IconPrescienceSlave to DarknessWarp Frenzy

Corruption Card

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