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Aid Our AlliesBring Him to JusticeCleanse the Hive WorldFace the EnemyFight to the EndFind the TraitorFleet ResupplyHurry the AdvanceInfiltrate the EldarKill the TyranidsLiberate the Forge WorldMake the PilgrimageNavigate the Phantom StarsNever SurrenderPatrol the SectorPurge the Death WorldReport to the Blackstone FortressReport to the Fortress WorldShow Them No MercySpread the LightStop the Waaagh!Survey the AreaTake InitiativeWatch Your Back

Halls of Terra Halls of Terra Icon

Cleanse Holy TerraDeus MechanicusEliminate the EnemyHonour and DutyHumanity's ChampionPilgrimage to TerraPsychic TrainingThe Emperor's JusticeTrain the GuardTravel the Stars

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