Nemesis Cards
Abraxis Synethi Halls of Terra Icon

Arsenal: Battle CannonEctoplasma CannonHell-forged PlatingLasher TendrilsMagma-mawSoul Furnace
Crises: Warp Syphon (X2)
Might: Engine of ChaosEngine of DespairEngine of DestructionEngine of Treachery
Enemies: Soul-Forged HeldrakeSoul-Forged MaulerfiendSoul-Forged Plague Hulk

Githellion Ath'ulwei Nemesis Icon

Arsenal: Dire Avengers (X2)JetbikePhoenix ArmourShuriken PistolThe Starlight Blade
Crises: Desperate Allies (X2)
Might: A Dying Flame in the DarkPurge the TaintedUnsolicited Aid
Encounters: Forgotten Portal (Blue)Forgotten Portal (Red)Forgotten Portal (Yellow)
Assets: Vision Stone

Luxuria Nemesis Icon

Arsenal: Cacophonic CaressHeartreaverSteed of Slaanesh
Corruption: Arresting BeautyHypnotic PersuasionSoporific Musk
Crises: Allure of SlaaneshEcstatic SeizuresThe Wages of Sin (X2)Unsavoury Clientele
Might: Avarice (X2)BeguileMalice Unrelenting

Moarn Goreheart Nemesis Icon

Arsenal: Berserker Chain AxeChaos BolterCollar of KhorneMartial GlorySkulls for the Skull Throne
Crises: Berserker Rage (X4)The Butcher's Nails
Might: Blood for the Blood GodKhorne's ContemptKilling Spree (X2)
Encounters: Throne of Blood

Specimen X Nemesis Icon

Arsenal: Ovipositor Tongue
Might: Flesh HooksHive MindPheromone Trail
Enemies: Brute (X2)Cult LeaderHuman Hybrid (X2)Purestrain Genestealer (X4)Xenos Worshipper (X2)

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