Orange Threat Cards Halls of Terra Icon

Allies: Centurio Ordinatus LegateHonoured Chapter Serf
Equipment: Exotic Stimm-injectorRecovered Company Standard


Allies: Astrotelepathic SavantHouse Taranis Paladin ✠ ※ Reprogrammed CybermastiffSister Dialogus
Places: Archeotech Shrine ✠ ※ Forgotten PortalReliquary of the Lost Chapter
Strangers: Chartist CaptainHouse CourtierLiving SaintVerispex Inquisitive
Tasks: Assassin's BountyAutoseanceRally the Titans
Weapons: Omnissian Axe


Heretics: Corrupted Choir ✠ ※ False Pilgrim ✠ ※ Fugitive WitchObsequious Retainer ✠ ※ Penal World FugitivesRegimental DesertersRival Ordo Sicarus OperativeTraitorous Adept
Traitors: Alpha Legion Infiltrator


Against the OddsBoon MechanicumGreat ForgingHonour DuelInnocence Proves Nothing ✠ ※ Making MusterMark the Target ✠ ※ Oath of MomentPilgrim RiotPurification Through Pain ✠ ※ The Black ShipsWarp Storm

Orange Threat Card

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