Wargear Cards
Cost 0

Equipment: Obsidian Skull (X2) Nemesis Icon

Cost 1

Equipment: Blind GrenadeMedikit

Cost 2

Armour: MK2 Combat CarapacePentagrammic WardScythian Bonemail Nemesis Icon
Equipment: Cybernetic ArmDigital Weapons (X2) Nemesis IconFrag Grenades (X2)Imperial SealInfantryman's Primer Nemesis IconInquisitorial TomesPlecian Tome Nemesis IconPsyoculumStasis Grenades (X2) Nemesis IconThe Crown of Domination Nemesis IconThe Living Tome Nemesis IconTreatise of Tulius Nemesis Icon

Cost 3

Equipment: Kineblades (X2) Nemesis IconLong Range AuspexPower FistShrine World Badge
Weapons: Barghesi Blaster Nemesis IconCadian Sniper RifleD-Cannon Nemesis IconExecutor Pistol (X2)Force Sword (X2)Power Claw Nemesis IconStorm Bolter (X2)

Cost 4

Armour: Combat ShieldRefractor FieldSuppression Shield
Equipment: Warp Rift Generator Nemesis Icon
Weapons: Harlequin's Kiss Nemesis IconVortex Grenade (X2) Nemesis Icon

Cost 5

Weapons: Chaos Chain Axe Nemesis IconNeuro Disruptor Nemesis IconScissorhand Nemesis IconWeb Gun

Wargear Card

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