Red Threat Cards

Allies: Deathwatch Space MarineDevotee RedemptorsMercenary DeserterNemesis IconOrdo Hereticus InquisitorOrdo Malleus InquisitorOutcast Chirurgeon Nemesis Icon
Armour: Storm Shield
Weapons: ChainswordLightning Claw ✠ ※ Ork Slugga Nemesis Icon


Places: Forgotten Portal ✠ ※ Order Hospitaller SanctuaryTraining GroundWasteland
Strangers: Commissar ✠ ※ CrusaderOrdo Xenos InquisitorSpace Marine Librarian
Tasks: Devestated Reaches BountyHive World BountyThe Lost Relic Halls of Terra Icon


Daemons: Blood Throne Halls of Terra IconBloodcrusherBloodletterBloodthirsterFlesh Hound of KhorneHerald of KhorneKaranakNoxious Plaguebearers ✠ ※ Nurgling SwarmVile Daemonette
Heretics: Chaos PirateChaos Tech-PriestChaos ZealotsCorrupted ServitorKhorne DisciplesMutant Renegade ✠ ※ Mutant WarriorMutated GuardsmenRenegade OgrynSoldiers of the Blood God
Orks: Blood Axe 'Ard BoyzBlood Axe Gretchin ✠ ※ Blood Axe MeganobBoss Snikrot Halls of Terra IconDeathskull MekboyzDeathskull SquigsEvil Sunz BoyEvil Sunz Killa KanEvil Sunz WarbikerEvil Sunz WarbuggyFeral Ork Warband ✠ ※ FreebooterGhazghkull ThrakaGoff BattlewagonGoff BurnaGoff NobGoff Shoota BoyzGoff WeirdboyVulcha SquadWarboss Deffsnagga ✠ ※ Weirdboy Warphead
Traitors: Death Guard Havoc ✠ ※ Death Guard HellbruteDeath Guard Plague Marine ✠ ※ Khorne BerzerkerRoghrax Bloodhand Halls of Terra IconWord Bearers Aspiring ChampionWord Bearers Dark Apostle


Emperor's Blessing ✠ ※ Enemy WithoutPact of DominationPact of SurvivalWarp EruptionWarp Storm

Red Threat Card

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