Dire Avenger
Yellow Threat Cards

Allies: Black Market Contact Nemesis IconHeretekNemesis IconNavigatorSanctioned PsykerUltramarines ScoutVindicare Assassin
Armour: Hardened Body Glove
Weapons: Needle PistolNeedle RifleSinging Spear Nemesis Icon


Places: Cybernetic ManufactorumForgotten Portal ✠ ※ HiveImperial Court
Strangers: Dark MagosMunitorum QuartermasterRogue Trader ✠ ※ Scum Lord
Tasks: Forge World BountyTwilight Fringe Bounty


Daemons: Chaos DefilerChaos FuryFiend of SlaaneshHerald of SlaaneshKeeper of SecretsMasque of SlaaneshPlague Drones of Nurgle Halls of Terra Icon
Eldar: AsurmenAvatar of Khaine ✠ ※ Biel-Tan Autarch ✠ ※ Biel-Tan Falcon ✠ ※ Biel-Tan GuardianDark ReaperDire AvengerEldar FarseerEldar Ranger ✠ ※ Eldar WarlockFire DragonFueganHowling Banshee ✠ ※ Iyanden Spirit SeerHalls of Terra IconIyanden Wraith Guard Halls of Terra IconJain-ZarrMaugan-RaSaim-Hann GuardianShining SpearStriking ScorpionSwooping HawkWarp Spider
Heretics: Chaos Cult WarriorEmperor's Children Raptor ✠ ※ Feral Chaos RenegadeMutantMutant BanditPlague Cultists (X2)Renegade Imperial Navy CaptainRenegade Rogue TraderWarp DabblerWarp-Tainted NavigatorWyrd
Traitors: Black Legion Warptalon Halls of Terra IconChaos Space Marine HavocEmperor's Children Noise Marine ✠ ※ Hive Scum BossLucius the EternalPossessed Chaos Space MarineThousand Sons Sorcerer LordTyphus


Blessed Warp Engines ✠ ※ Corrupted Imperial GovernorEnemy WithinPact of GreedPact of PerceptionWarp Storm

Yellow Threat Card

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